Who We Are?

MTO College® is a supplementary school situated in North London. The College was set up to provide excellent yet affordable tuition for students.

Our mission is to foster every student's intrinsic potential in a friendly yet disciplined and productive academic space which is greatly conducive to intellectual growth. Our highly qualified, experienced and dedicated tutors guide and support every student to acquire the skills, knowledge and understanding they need in order to realise and take full advantage of their potential.

Student skills is at the very heart of what we do at MTO College® and we are committed to providing interactive lessons. Students are encouraged and facilitated to contribute to their lessons in a meaningful way, with full participating and engagement in class discussions encouraged.

We believe that in this way they will not only achieve their desired grades but will at the same time gain self confidence – a quality much needed in today's society. In our experience, the newly–gained confidence begins to shine through students' performance after a relatively short period of time.

Finally, MTO College® recognises that each student is an individual with unique learning needs, and actively seeks to understand those needs and provides each student with an effective learning programme.